Services & Fees

Here’s how we help.

Our mission is to serve individuals and couples in all areas of retirement planning. We provide customized financial strategies to help you achieve long-term goals and enjoy a more secure retirement. A reliable strategy can help keep your family’s future protected.

Our Fees

SeaCure Advisors charges clients a fee depending on what kind of service the client hires SeaCure to perform. Per regulatory requirements, SeaCure maintains a Table of Fees For Services. To view it please click here.

The table of fees can be difficult to read and understand. To make things more clear, SeaCure has designed this page to explain in plain English what our services are and how we charge for them.

SeaCure provides hourly planning services, comprehensive planning services, asset management, and risk management services. Risk management may entail the sale of a commission-based insurance product. This is a conflict of interest that we take very seriously and disclose to all of our clients. Please read details about our services and their fees below.

SeaCure offers hourly services for clients who may only need a single question answered or an occasional, irregular meeting to review a financial issue. Clients receive an invoice according to the amount of time required to research and deliver any requested information.

Comprehensive planning is a process that connects every aspect of your financial life. It is a relationship that evolves over time and helps you thrive no matter what challenges life brings you. We guide you through identifying and organizing your struggles and goals. We use our experience and expertise to design your plan and work with you to make sure you stay on track. The fee for designing your comprehensive plan is between $4,000 and $10,000 depending on the complexity of your case. Ongoing updating and monitoring cost $4,000 annually thereafter. As part of your plan, you may decide to have SeaCure Advisors manage some or all of your financial assets, or purchase an insurance instrument we recommend. When this happens, we waive your annual updating and monitoring fee. Please review our Assets Under Management and Risk Management service offerings to understand how we are compensated for those services.

SeaCure charges annual fees to manage your portfolio. Our fee schedule is “first dollar.” This means that based on the total value of the assets we manage for a client, we charge the fee listed below for the entire portfolio. When SeaCure Advisors manages a client’s assets, SeaCure waives ALL planning fees and the client receives service at the Comprehensive Planning level.

Assets from $0 up to $1 million = 1.0% per year

Assets from $0 up to $2 million = 0.75% per year

Assets over $2 million = 0.5% per year

Management fees are based upon a percentage of the assets under management and are paid pro-rata in January, April, July, October. Fees are paid at the end of each billing period. Fees are assessed based upon the account asset value(s) on the last business day of the previous billing period.

When an account is established, the management fee is charged for the remainder of the current billing period and is based upon the initial contributions.


Jane Client decides she wants SeaCure to manage her $1.5 million portfolio. Jane will pay an annual fee of 0.75%. This means Jane will pay annual assets under management fees of $11,250.

SeaCure Advisors deducts that amount, divided by four, directly from her account at the end of each quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31). Jane receives as many meetings per year as she desires as well as comprehensive planning services.

Additional Fees Charged By Third-Party Money Managers:

SeaCure Advisors uses Third-Party Money Managers to create and administer portfolio strategies that meet a client’s values and goals. SeaCure Advisors works with SEI Private Trust Company and FormulaFolios in this capacity. The strategies offered by these firms have their own fees and expenses in addition to the assets under management fees listed above. These costs vary from strategy to strategy. SeaCure Advisors discloses and reviews total fees with the client when delivering the strategy proposal.

Bond Strategies:

A situation may arise where, in order to achieve a specific goal, SeaCure may recommend a bond-based strategy. For situations where this occurs, SeaCure uses bond strategies provided by SEI Private Trust Company.

The SeaCure Advisors Assets Under Management fee for bond-specific strategies is 0.25%.

Risk Management:

Some clients may have a situation where an annuity or a life insurance product may be in his or her best interest. If sold, an insurance carrier pays SeaCure Advisors a commission. This is a conflict of interest that we disclose to all of our clients. If a client purchases such a product from SeaCure Advisors, SeaCure waives all planning fees and the client receives service at the Comprehensive Planning level. In fact, the potential benefit of an insurance product will only come to light through the comprehensive planning process. If SeaCure Advisors is also providing Assets Under Management services, those fees will not be waived. To help manage this conflict of interest, any assets moved into an insurance product are included when calculating a client’s Assets Under Management fee rate.


Jane Client has $1.2 million in assets under management with SeaCure Advisors. Jane is concerned about retirement income and decides to purchase an annuity for $400,000 to guarantee a certain amount of income each year for the rest of her life. The insurance carrier pays SeaCure Advisors a commission. SeaCure Advisors still calculates Jane’s fee as 0.75% based on $1.2 million of assets: $800,000 of investments in her portfolio plus $400,000 in an annuity. This prevents SeaCure from increasing Jane’s fee from 0.75% to 1% due to the annuity sale.

College Planning Services

If the only financial advice you require concerns preparing for and managing the cost of college, SeaCure Advisors has two service options related to creating and implementing a college financial plan.

Please note that hourly services and Comprehensive Planning include college planning services at no extra cost.

Level 1: $499 One-Time Payment

This option includes one in-depth 90 minute consultation about your unique college financial plan. We will calculate estimates of college costs for all schools on your student’s list. You will receive a customized “How To Pay” report, including listings of merit scholarships at every school on your student’s list. The cost of this service level counts towards upgrades to other service levels.

Level 2: $1,499 (For High School Juniors or Rising Seniors only)

This service level includes four meetings with no phone or email support outside of the meeting schedule. Meeting 1 involves estimating college costs and designing your college financial plan. Meeting 2 is spent reviewing your financial aid applications before they go to the schools. During meeting 3, we will review all of your financial aid offers and, if necessary guide you through the appeals process for any award that appears to be low. Meeting 4 takes place after your student chooses a college. This meeting involves locking in your college financial plan using the actual numbers from the school your student will attend. In addition to the four meetings, you will have access to the award winning College Aid Pro software to help keep you organized and on track with your college plan.

Level 3: $2,499 (for first child, $299 per child thereafter)

This service level can begin Sophomore year, and entails one meeting to establish your college financial plan and two annual meetings thereafter to review and update your plan. In addition to this meeting schedule you will have full phone and email support. During your student’s senior year, SeaCure Advisors will review and submit all of your financial aid applications and guide you through any additional aid application requirements on a school-by-school basis. You will have personal access to College Aid Pro software as well as household balance sheet and cash flow analysis to help you use your resources to pay for college in the most tax and cost efficient manner possible.  SeaCure Advisors will work with you on designing and updating your Education Spending Policy Statement, to help everyone in your family get on the same page with your college financial plan. Before shipping off to college, your student will have a one-on-one meeting with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ at SeaCure to cover basic financial literacy concepts and answer any questions he or she may have about money, saving, and spending. The service expires once your student enters college.