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What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is bound by federal and state laws to put client interests first. The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard outlines five fiduciary principles:

What is an independent RIA?

A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is a person who gives investment advice. Federal and state regulations say that Registered Investment Advisors have a fiduciary duty to their clients. This means they must always act in their clients' best interests.

The law requires Registered Investment Advisors to adopt a code of ethics that guides all their business dealings. That includes disclosing conflicts of interest, and making sure clients understand them. A client may confront an advisor over the suitability of an investment. When this happens, the advisor must prove that he or she acted as a fiduciary. Registered Investment Advisors work directly with the clients.

By contrast, regulations are less strict for Registered Representatives. Registered Representatives work for a Broker-Dealer. Their recommendations need to be “Suitable." This means that a representative will make "reasonable efforts" to collect client information they use to make recommendations.

Representatives can collect this information on as little as one sheet of paper. Regulators may consider that enough effort for the “Suitability” standard. That one piece of paper may prove that the representative gave good advice.

Independent Registered Investment Advisors do not have any affiliation with a Broker- Dealer. They are bound by the fiduciary standard. Like the golden rule, they must give advice as if that advice were for themselves.

Would you rather work with someone that works first for their Broker Dealer...? Or someone that must put your interests ahead of all else?

What makes us different?

Carolyn Howard, CFP® lost her husband, Jack, to a brain tumor in 2008. She and her adult children, Jonathan, and Courtenay were able to spend the final months of Jack’s life focused on his care. This was due to Carolyn's exceptional financial planning. During his illness, they never had to stress over financial uncertainty.

After Jack’s death, Carolyn sold her Boston-area advisory firm, Paegasus Advisors, and moved to Kentucky. She had grown up there and had met Jack as a student at UK. She didn't stay retired for long. Her experience of losing Jack gave her new purpose. She knew firsthand of the peace of mind good financial planning can bring to families. It enables them to have security even in times of incredible difficulty. This became the guiding focus of SeaCure Advisors.

Patty Breeze joined SeaCure Advisors after she and Carolyn met and found they had many common interests and experiences. Patty’s specialty in Health Insurance and Employee Benefits, as well as her dedication to local non-profit organizations, added a new dimension to the firm, complimenting Carolyn’s dedication to comprehensive planning and community involvement.

Jonathan joined the firm following a long career in film editing and visual effects in Los Angeles. His oldest daughter, Opal, suffered two bouts of a serious illness that put enormous emotional and financial strain on his family. Jonathan wanted a career change with a more family and service-focused core. Carolyn recognized that SeaCure, and Lexington, KY, would fill this need. After opening the office in Lexington, KY, Carolyn decided to open an office in Sarasota, FL in 2014 where she is a legal resident. As the business has grown, Carolyn invited Jonathan to join her in Lexington. He accepted her offer and hasn’t looked back. Carolyn has served as his mentor through this career change. He has embraced the work and the ability to make profound, positive changes in people's lives.

Carolyn and Patty’s many decades of combined experience and Jonathan’s fresh perspective as a financial services outsider set SeaCure apart. Their focus on family and community anchors their work in the desire to make all their clients feel cared for and at home.